Overhead Crane Service Technician / Inspector

Posted: 10/18/2021

Position Specifications:
Daily Schedule: Published Service Department Hours of Operation(or as determined byproject demands)
Pay Structure: Hourly

Primary Responsibilities Include:

  • Performance of service and repair work
  • Provide troubleshooting assistance to customers as needed, either on or off-site
  • Complete paperwork required to document service time, mileage and activities undertaken
  • Conduct inspection of all manner and variety ofcranes and related components within the company’s scope of service and/or production
  • Completion of inspection reports to be supplied to customer at conclusion of inspection
  • Compile service summary reports detailing nature of needed repairs as determined by inspection activities
  • Provide electrical/wiring services on company’s production floor as needed
  • Catalog and maintain adequate supply (both in company inventory and in supply warehoused within company vehicle(s) of service-related supplies and components which may be required to complete various off-site repairs.
  • Report inventory shortage or reorder necessity for any part or component to a member of management
  • Observe and Maintain Safety Standards as Dictated by Management, Customer Directives and Relevant Regulatory Bodies
  • All Other Duties As Assigned
Performance Criteria
The Service Technician Will:
  • Present a professional image and standard of conduct at all times in all environments
  • Make thorough and accurate assessments of equipment malfunction, document recommendations and repair activities
  • Make thorough and accurate assessments during inspection activities, document findings and recommendations for corrective action
  • Diligently and accurately record all information requested on service slips, repair summaries, inspection reports and time/expense-related documentation
  • Accept direction from senior management or staff as required
  • Cooperate with field and office staff to ensure accurate and efficient relay of necessary project information and documentation
  • Execute and Non-Competitive Agreement as drafted by Fox Cities Crane & Fab., Inc.
Fox Cities Crane & Fab., Inc. Will Supply the Following to Facilitate Achievement of These Goals:
  • Office Equipmentas Needed
  • Safety Equipment as Required
  • Access to Crane/Project Files and Manuals as Needed
  • Vendor Library Information
  • Service Vehicle
  • Select Tools Required for the Performance of Routine Tasks
  • Access to Product and Spare Parts Inventory as Required for Use in Effecting Field Repairs