Consolidated Construction Co., Inc.

Consolidated Construction Co., Inc.


General Contractor - Design/Build

About Us

There are 1,071 Wisconsin construction companies. Only 1 can help you secure construction FUNDING, provide on-staff ARCHITECTURE, handle complete CONSTRUCTION management, and SERVICE your building projects: Consolidated Construction.
We assemble one team for all of your building needs. Our streamlined, collaborative Project Delivery Process, coupled with a transparent/open book system for ensuring value and trust, is designed to reduce project risk, improve quality, and deliver projects on-time and within budget.
Our customers, architects, project managers, crews, and subcontractors are all on the same page, at all times. The net result is a better project with: a scope and budget that meets operating pro forma; a building design that is refined early on, reducing the need for costly changes later; fewer project risks; few or no change orders; a faster construction schedule; and better quality.