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Leadership & Management Development

About Us

We are a leadership technology company focused on building healthy company cultures and confident leaders.

With over 20 years of experience and research under our belts, we’ve come to realize that the key to building successful organizations is dignity.

We provide a platform for businesses to improve retention, engagement, communication, and performance by building and maintaining a culture of dignity. We grow leaders, create alignment, and drive results. Here’s how:

Dignify – Our patented, scalable technology that helps organizations build a culture of dignity by providing…

• A straightforward way to understand and connect with individuals and teams to understand who they are, what they need, and what motivates them
• A diverse suite of tools meant to help people discover their own dignity, honor other people’s dignity, improve communication, strengthen relationships, build engagement, and strengthen retention
• Simple, impactful, and actionable curriculum that helps leaders grow their skillset, connect with their teams, and lean into their role with a refreshingly effective mindset

Face-to-face services

• Executive Services – Coaching, Assessments, Visioning, and W.I.N.R. Interviews
• Strategic Planning – Strategic Alignment, Culture Alignment, Project Team Alignment, Operational Communication
• Team Building – Dignify Education Session, Activating Communication Session, Leadership Adventures

Video Media


Our team
Owners, Joe and Danica Kiedinger
The Dignity Dialogue Podcast
Our core values
Our Power Up event at Lambeau Field