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Focus on the Future LLC


Education & Training Consultant

About Us

Established in 2023 by Ann Dawson, Focus on the Future is the culmination of her dedicated teaching experience as a special education teacher and transition coordinator. She has been a catalyst for change as she established and grew high school transition programs that centered on employment, personal finance, and life skill development. However, she observed that as adults, individuals faced challenges in maintaining employment, utilizing community resources, and pursuing their future goals. Recognizing this crucial area of need, Ann established “Focus on the Future” to empower individuals by equipping them with the essential skills and tools needed to achieve their employment goals and realize their future aspirations to the fullest.

In addition to employment assistance, Focus on the Future provides K-12 educational consulting, educational materials and resources, and advocacy services for parents and individuals. Focus on the Future is currently a one-person operation with exciting ideas and plans for future expansion. Focus on the Future can meet virtually or in-person at various locations that are convenient for consumers.