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- Understanding, managing, and adapting to differences is critical to success as individuals, teams, and organizations.

- Cultural competence/agility/intelligence are a necessary foundation for achieving overall business goals, as well as specific goals in diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.

- Do you know and understand the lens through which you see the world, and how it affects your expectations, perceptions, decisions, and behaviors?

- Do you know your lens might be getting in the way of your success?

Greta A. Lax, M.S., is a coach, consultant and facilitator focusing on supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) through intercultural development.

She brings a unique mix of training and experience spanning multiple industries and disciplines with an educational foundation in industrial organizational psychology. She also has an equity lens deeply informed by more than a decade working for and alongside historically marginalized communities.

Today she helps others understand and expand their own lens, developing tools and skills so they can more successfully navigate differences and improve their own outcomes with colleagues, employees, clients, and customers.