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Leadership & Management Development

About Us

Life coach. Executive coach. DEI & intercultural development coach, consultant, and facilitator.

I work with leaders and organizations to build a culture and systems that will help you:
- recruit, hire, and retain the workforce of today and of the future,
- increase your capacity for success through better relationships, communication, teamwork, engagement, innovation, and productivity,
- and improve the overall well-being of everyone in your organization.

Through quantitative and qualitative assessment, let's take a look at where your organization is today, and compare that to where you want and need it to be. Then we'll build a strategy together that aligns with your mission, vision, and values to help you get there.

I also LOVE working with leaders and leadership teams on the crucial integrative work that prepares them to create and maintain more inclusive environments, developing the mindset, skills, and tools that allow them to play their roles more confidently and effectively. It is a highly customized and personalized approach to personal & professional development that has a guaranteed ripple effect on everyone you communicate and interact with going forward after doing the work.

Let's ensure your organization and leaders are better prepared to meet the needs of today's, and tomorrow's, workforce and marketplace. Book a call with me to begin the process using the button in my profile.


Greta Lax LLC
Greta Lax, MS, CDP, CEC
Great leaders are always learning.
Good companies require great leaders.
The gift of effective communication.
DEI includes you.