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Shaman Motion Pictures

Shaman Motion Pictures


Sound, Lighting & Video

About Us

-Form a bond-

Our clients are our tribe, and our magic is cinema. We see you, your business, your event, or your idea, as you see them, but we also see so much more. We see beneath the surface of

what these things are, to the spirit of what they might become, and we use our film magic to give that spirit a form.

We are committed to providing an expertly executed customer experience that pushes your brand or voice to it’s highest levels. We pride ourselves on a precisely planned narrative.

We pride ourselves on our unique way of doing business, in that all of us have worked together for years, and maintain strong, meaningful friendships.

This dedication, patience, and commitment to each others independent growth is a trait we have utilized with our clients, partners, and customers.

We know, that the power of partnership, comes from trust, care, and friendship.

When we work with anyone, it is paramount that they are treated like family. Our business values a commune-like culture, where every member of the tribe is protected, respected, and celebrated.



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